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Tile flooring is made from al-natural products and provides stunning, versatile flooring for your home or work space. Tile is a natural product made up of clay, a number of minerals and water. Plus, tile is one of the most durable flooring products on the market. Star Interior Resources recommends tile for its low-maintenance perks and it’s resistance to water, fire and scratches, perfect flooring for kitchens. As far as design options, tile is offered in a variety of shapes, sizes and patterns. With tile, clients have the opportunity to get creative and experiment with artsy glass inserts tailored to your specific design needs.

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Tile benefits

First and foremost, tile is a very durable product. Ceramic tile can outlast most other flooring alternatives. Tile is also water and fire resistant which makes it ideal for kitchens and baths. Ceramic tile is considered a “green” product and is made from natural materials making it ideal for individuals seeking an eco-friendly option. Ceramic tile is extremely scratch resistant, no need to worry about unsightly marks. Many individuals choose to use ceramic tiles for mosaics and custom tile jobs as it is a versatile flooring option. Unique floor designs, stunning shower designs, and creative tile creations allow for the individual to reach their look of their dreams!

Tile creators have created tiles that offer texture, colors, and patterns resembling natural stone products. Slate, travertine and marble are a few of the most popular looks that are re-created in ceramic tile.
Ceramic tile flooring in Southlake, TX from Star Interior Resources

Tile maintenance and installation

Tile is a very low maintenance flooring option. As a hard surface, tile is very easy to clean and keep lasting for many years. Tile design and color options can be chosen so that the tile never goes out of style.

Below are some valuable tips to maintain the performance of your tile and keep them looking beautiful!
1. Sweep or vacuum regularly- Dirt can adhere to the surface of tile. Sweeping regularly is a must to sweep up loose, moist dirt. You can also vacuum your tile; just make sure you use a vacuum without the beater bar to avoid dulling and scratching the tiles.

2. Use floor mats to minimize dirt- floor mats will minimize the amount of dirt that is tracked through your entryways and onto your tile.

3. Mop ceramic tile regularly- ceramic tile floors should be damp-mopped regularly using the manufacturer recommended grout and tile cleaner. Textured tiles may require more scrubbing and can be cleaned with a mild detergent and warm water. If needed, wipe dry with a clean towel to remove film.

4. Avoid using steel wool, bleach, ammonia products, and oil based cleaners.

5. Clean spills as soon as possible to avoid staining