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Luxury vinyl is your solution for a busy household

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring can be made to look like hardwood, ceramic tile, natural stone and many other flooring types at the fraction of the price. LVT comes in a variety of textures, colors and styles. The maintenance for LVT is minimal compared to natural products. Not to mention how inexpensive it can be. Star Interior Resources recommends LVT as a solution for a busy household. LVT is highly resistant to scratches and normal wear and tear. This unique flooring is made from a fiber-board core that is treated with plastic resin for extra strength. Essentially LVT consists of four layers of raw materials. As an added bonus, this strong product is considered in the “green” category as it does not require tree harvesting.

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Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Benefits

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is well suited for shoppers who want the look and feel of real hardwood or stone without the cost or maintenance that can be associated with natural products. With LVT you can get many hardwood looks including the plank designs which are offered in the most common species of wood, but also the rare exotic wood species. LVT stone and tile patterns will give you the elegant look of tile, but without the concerns of the tile cracking, grout staining, or tough to clean stains.

If you have small children or a busy household, LVT flooring is a great choice for you. LVT flooring does not stain and it does not need to be varnished or waxed. LVT floors are less likely to fade in direct sunlight and it can be installed on a variety of subfloors.


Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) maintenance and installation

It’s been established that LVT hardwood is an affordable alternative to hardwood, natural stone or tile. Because LVT is a floating system, it makes for easy installation with little clean up. The hard resinous seal coat on the surface of the material makes it highly resistant to scratches and damage, and requires minimal maintenance. Finally, LVT is considered to be a “green” product because it does not require tree harvesting.
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Resilient flooring

As a budget-friendly product, resilient flooring is becoming more and more popular in thousands of homes across the country. This flooring has been built to offer superior resistance to stains, scuffs and scratches. Resilient is an ideal option if you are looking for a versatile, durable surface that will with stand your busy family and pets. Plus, vinyl is easy to clean and maintain. Resilient is created in layers, much like laminate and can mimic real hardwood or tile. Star Interior Resources offers a wide range of resilient flooring in colors, patterns and textures, the perfect solution of durable elegance.

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Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring in Frisco, TX from Star Interior Resources
Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring in Frisco, TX from Star Interior Resources

Resilient benefits

Resilient flooring or often referred to as Luxury Vinyl Tile, is a great option for busy families because it is practical, functional and budget friendly. Resilient is also known to be cushiony and comfortable to walk on. This means the flooring has to “give” when you walk across it.

Resilient flooring is also easy to clean and keep looking new all the time. Resilient is engineered to protect your floor with a seamless and continuous surface that adds value to your home, and provides an option that is low-cost, low maintenance. Plus it can easily adapt to your living space and decor.

Resilient maintenance and installation

Resilient flooring comes in variations including in planks and tile squares. The Resilient flooring products are installed with adhesives and can be moved and adjusted based on how you wish. Not only is the installation process simple, it’s easy to clean, doesn’t show scratches easily and resists staining with normal household products.