Why Cork Flooring Is Right For YOU!

Cork flooring is one of many available flooring choices for your home. There are many different benefits to installing cork flooring in your living space.

Cork flooring is one of the softest and most comfortable flooring options, making it an ideal choice for frequently used rooms, such as kitchens or living rooms, due to its shock-absorbing quality. This is also a benefit for parents who have children that may be prone to falling. Cork is much softer than other flooring choices, which can cushion a fall better. This makes cork perfect for game rooms and bedrooms, too! Cork is also very effective at reducing noise, unlike other flooring, like tile, wood, cement or vinyl. Insulation helps cork act as a noise-reducer, which benefits you by reducing heat costs and keeping your floors warmer in the winter.

Over time, cork has proven to be very resilient and durable, resisting cracking and abrasions, which is perfect for a busy household that is worn by children, pets and furniture. It is very forgiving of dropped items or heavy furniture that may cause indentions in the floor, since cork bounces back to its original state.

Cork flooring is also considered to be one of the safest flooring choices for your house or office due to suberin, a natural substance found in cork that can prevent molding and rotting and can repel pests. Another benefit from its natural makeup is that it is anti-allergenic, making it healthy for everyone in your household and also improving the air-quality of the room that it is in.

Not only is cork flooring considered to be comfortable and safe, but since it’s made from the bark of cork oak trees, which is a renewable resource, it is environmentally friendly, as well!

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