Who is Pepe?

Who is Pepe?
Pepe is the StarFloors pug whose mission is to give families the flooring if their dreams!
Pepe understand the importance of quality floors and understands that great floors make your house a home!

About Pepe the Dog:
Favorite Color: Starpower red. It’s one of the only colors I see, since I am color blind.
Favorite Food: Roast Beef
Favorite floor covering: In the summer, there is nothing better than a nice piece of
porcelain tile. In the winter, I love to snuggle up on the family room area
Most embarrassing moment: Having my face on a digital billboard in one of the largest cities in the country! I’m really quite bashful!

Pepe can most often be found on the StarFloors Showroom on Wheels in a neighborhood near you!

Other appearances include: billboards, post cards, newspapers, and select magazines.