We Love Our Customers

StarFloors loves to share good news and when we got this message from Tracy, we couldn’t help but share it with you:

Dear StarFloors,

I am far behind in my correspondence. Starting in October we began
a business relationship with your company. Phil Kenton came to our home
to assist us in choosing carpet for our home. My mother in law actually got the ball rolling with Phil. She is a realtor here in Plano and felt good about our choice. Phil made several trips (by his own choice) to make sure we had picked exactly what we wanted and for the right price! The carpet was delivered and installed promptly. The gentlemen that came
on the install from your company were great. They worked so hard and were honestly alot of fun to work with. We love the carpet – it is perfect for our home and family. I had advised the family to BE CAREFUL on “Mom’s new carpet”. Of course I am the one who dropped a bottle of red nail polish in our bedroom. I went into panic mode for this was a BIG spill. I called StarFloors and was comforted and well received. I will be shocked if there is a single soul in that store that did not talk to me and assured me that all would be fine. Arthur actually talked me down off the ledge that day. He told me exactly what to do and it worked! He was great. My husband was out of town but came home that evening. To this day he still cannot tell where the spill occurred. I really want you to know how much we appreciate all the folks at StarFloors. It has been a pleasure to do business with you as I am sure it will be in the future.


Tracy Borgne – Happy Camper

We want everyone to have the same experience as Tracy, that is why StarFloors is a rock-solid company you can rely on. We’ve built our reputation on dependability, fair pricing, superior materials and workmanship. Ourstrategically located facilities provide StarFloors managers with the ability to procure products and schedule expert installation for consistent, on-time delivery anywhere your properties are located. Customer service always comes first! We ask each client to complete our onlinecustomer survey at the conclusion of every project and use the information to continually improve our products and services.

A StarFloors representative would be happy to help you at any time.Visit www.starfloors.com for more information.