We don't sell homes, but we know what will

Every year thousands of people move in and out of their homes. When trying to sell a home the floor is often neglected while other pre-sell maintenance is being tended to.

There’s a reason you walk into homes and get the new home smell and it starts literally from the ground up. New flooring when selling a home is key. As the housing market continues to improve, new floors are a top deal breaker when house hunters are looking for their dream home.

Because home values have dropped over the last five years it is very important to update your home before going on the market. New flooring can be a quick and simple solution. In the end it becomes less expensive to install new carpet before potential buyers visit than it is give new owners an allowance for twice as much. Homes with new flooring have also been known to sell over 50% faster than homes with floors that are over two years old. Needless to say, the return of new floors when selling is very significant.

At StarFloors we are ultimate in convenience, our flooring experts and samples can come right to your home. This makes the process of getting your home ready for sale even easier. The installation process is seamless and easy. Often times we can offer a 48 hour turnaround after product selection.*

Moving can be stressful but when installing new flooring the return is so great you’re practically paying for your first new house payment. StarFloors also offers a flexible financing option for any budget.

It is more cost effective to install new carpet than give an allowance to new owners that is twice as much.

  • Homes with new flooring sell 68% faster than homes with flooring that is more than two years old.
  • Save on the next house payment; new floors will practically pay for themselves.
  • There are positive psychological effects on buyers when they walk in and smell new carpet.
  • Flexible financing is available.

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“We don’t sell homes but we know what will sell a home.” – StarFloors employees

*based on product availability.