Unconventional Flooring From Starfloors

We’ve told you that we can do it all, this project defines that promise. StarFloors recently completed a unique flooring request in southern California. AstroTurf is commonly associated with stadium fields, putting greens; the usual sporting needs, but not this time.
StarFloors was recently selected to install AstroTurf in an entire backyard! Yes, a San Diego home now has sprawling AstroTurf to replace their backyard grass. Green, lush and durable AstroTurf lawns are the way to go.

image 1

There are many perks to using this unconventional flooring. First and foremost, AstroTurf is relatively low-maintenance. Skip the cost of water, mowing and nurturing. Not to mention AstroTurf is very eco-friendly and extremely durable. Athletes prefer playing on the synthetic grass as it is extremely durable. Also makes for fun entertaining. This easy and long-term solution is unexpected and will have your friends wishing they had AstroTurf covering their backyard.

Astroturf has been around for many years and has dominated the synthetic grass market so much that people only refer to faux grass as AstroTurf. The grass has had a long history that even began close to StarFloors in Dallas, Texas. In 1966, the first major install of AstroTurf was completed for the diamond at the Houston Astrodome. Today, AstroTurf is used for a multitude of fields across the United States.

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