Tips from Mohawk for your Soft Carpets & High-Traffic

Back to the Basics: Reminders for Vacuuming
Don’t ignore the corners and crevices—maybe you’re not frequenting the corners of your living room often but they sure do attract more than a quick look around the room can see.
Be sure to dust furniture and surfaces before vacuuming—it’s okay to make a little bit of a mess before you clean it all up, the overall cleanliness will improve.
When you get to half or two-thirds full, empty those bags—don’t waste your time cleaning when it’s too full to pick up the mess.
Sure, it’s easy to visit big box store and purchase a vacuum at a low price point, but at the end of the day better maintenance helps your flooring last longer. Take a look at vacuum specs before purchasing. Investigate height capabilities, beater bar rotation and fan speed. Large wheels can also ensure effective carpet upkeep. Many people would be surprised how these factors play into the longevity of your flooring.

Soft carpet is many a favorite for every member of the family. High-pile and premium soft carpets tend to require more specific maintenance.
Adjustable Height The opening of the vacuum should be even, or slightly above, the top of the carpet.
Wider Support Wheels The vacuum is less likely to sink into the carpet and can help the vacuum smoothly glide over the strands. The above specs are recommended, however, select lightweight units have properly worked on softer, deeper pile carpets.

Mohawk Recommendations:
Nearly every vacuum manufacturer offers multiple models that can be used on this type of carpet. The following examples have been recommended by the respective manufacturers and have been verified by Mohawk:

Standard Upright Vacuum Models
Hoover UH70120 ($100-$150)
Hoover UH70205 ($150-$200)
Hoover U5780-950 ($150-$200)
Dirt Devil UD70115 ($50-$100)
Eureka AS5203A ($50-$100)
Lightweight / No Depth Adjustment Models
Oreck Magnesium ($250-$300)
Oreck Magnesium RS ($450-$500)
Hoover Nano UH20020W ($50-$100)
Canister Vacuums
Hoover Canister S3865 ($300-$350)
Oreck Quest Pro ($350-$400)