The Hottest Thing in Flooring This Summer

It’s summer! That means one thing, it’s gettingHOT outside! The rising temperatures and dryer weather means more water restrictions and dead, ugly grass. Keep your lawn beautiful, even in the middle of summer or winter, withsynthetic turf! Still not convinced? Here are four more reasons to install turf TODAY!

  1. Less maintenance, more beauty!
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Synthetic turf is low maintenance! You won’t have to water your lawn, pull weeds, or mow in the scorching summer heat ever again! Sound amazing? Think of all the time you’ll have for other summer activities! You’ll also save MONEY! No more hiring someone to mow your lawn, or paying that high water bill every month. In fact, many cities are now offering tax rebates for every square foot of turf installed at your home or business!

2. Great for kids and pets!

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Do your kids love to play outside? Turf is installed with padding underneath to help ease the impact of falls! Best of all, the padding is sturdy and won’t move around! In fact, an entire school district in Missouri did an experiment to see just how safe synthetic turf is. They were amazed with their results! Local nurses reported there were 20% fewer injuries with children who played on areas with synthetic turf! These areas were even used by the children 15% more often due to the fact that synthetic turf does not retain water. Because of its superior draining, synthetic turf will help keep your kids and pets clean! NO MORE MUD! You won’t have to worry about Fido tracking mud on your beautiful carpet or your kids getting grass stains all over their brand new clothes! Synthetic turf also helps keep fleas, ticks and other pests away from your lawn! With turf, you can breathe easy even in Spring because it’s non-allergenic!

Install Turf somewhere unusual!

Astro Turf

Do you have a balcony or deck you want to have grass on? Maybe the roof of your building? With turf, no problem! The possibilities are endless! Get creative and add a little green anywhere you can think of!

4. Safe for the environment

Do you live in an area where there is a high possibility for wildfires? There’s no need to worry if you have synthetic turf installed at your home! Most turf has a class 1 fire rating!

Turf also drains water at a rate of 30” per hour meaning it won’t flood easily and it’s safe for you to walk on right after it rains without getting all muddy! Next time you have an event at your home or business, you don’t have to scramble making back up plans if it rained the night before!

So what are you waiting for! Request A Quote TODAY to have a sales representative contact you and see how much green you can save while having the greenest lawn on the block!

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