The Dirt on Carpet

the dirt on carpet

If you are like me and millions of other Americans, you exhibit many of the symptoms associated with allergies or asthma. Along with the ever increasing number of pollutants in the air, there seems to be just as many myths as to how to deal with them. Chances are you’ve heard the myth “you should not have carpet in your home because it can cause your symptoms to flare up.” Recent studies have shown that in actuality the opposite is true. In a study commissioned by Shaw Industries and conducted by Airmid Healthgroup well maintained carpet is ideal for people who suffer from allergies and asthma. Even better than hard surface in your home! In fact, well maintained and effectively cleaned carpeted areas can improve indoor air quality!

the dirt on carpet 2

Shaw Flooring and Airmid are not the only ones that have been intrigued by this bone of contention. A study in New Jersey found that children with carpet in their bedroom actually required less asthma medication and missed fewer school days. Scientist in Sweden found that when carpet usage decreased by seventy percent, allergy and asthma reactions actually increased by 30 percent! And these are just a few of the many studies proving carpet is not the culprit!

Contrary to popular belief, carpet actually cleans or ‘filters’ out the air in our homes. Carpet traps allergens keeping fewer in the air for you to breathe. After the allergens are caught by the carpet fibers, they will not return to the surface by simple foot traffic alone. Carpet emits very low levels of irritants and for very short periods of time. A controlled experiment Dr. Mitchell Sauerhoff Ph.D., found that the levels of irritants in the air above carpet are actually lower than the levels above a hard surface.

the dirt on carpet3

It is of the upmost importance for people with asthma and allergies to keep their carpet well maintained. It is recommended that you vacuum your carpet with a high efficiency filter twice a week. People with more extreme allergies or asthma may want to vaccuum high foot traffic areas more often. Since the majority of allergens trapped in carpet is from outside, a durable mat for people to clean their shoes with is suggested. Once inside, take your shoes off before walking on the carpet. It is also recommended to have your carpet professionally cleaned once a year.

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