Softest. Carpet. Ever.

Comfort can often be forgotten when creating a dream home. Many people wish to have something that is easy to clean and good for high-traffic areas. Our friends at Mohawk have created the flooring that defies the negative impressions of carpet.

…Introducing the new Mohawk SmartStrand Silk.

The perks and features of this carpet are unlike anything previously done by carpet manufacturers. This truly is the softest carpet ever.
Mohawk has created a stain and soil protection that never wears off and is on each individual carpet strand. The protection is built-in to each fiber strand and protects your carpet from mustard, red wine and Kool Aid, just to name a few. And when the carpet does get a nasty spill, the SmartStrand Silk is capable of being cleaned with just water or a mild detergent.
Interesting testing has been done to prove just how durable the SmartStrand Silk is. The folks at Mohawk have even tested the carpet in rhino and elephant spaces at the zoo and the carpet cleans up and bounces back like it was just installed. The durability protection from crushing is very strong, perfect for high traffic areas. This carpet is just what the busy family needs. The durability and softness are an excellent combination.
It’s hard to put into words just how incredibly soft the SmartStrand Silk is. The silky texture will have your friends and family rolling on the floor. It’s the most luxurious carpet on the market.
Another great thing to know about the carpet is that it is environmentally friendly. It is made from corn instead of petroleum as the primary base ingredient. It is 37% less energy to produce the carpet because of this “green” carpet.
Voted #1 in consumer satisfaction the Mohawk SmartStrand Silk is the top of its class.

To feel the carpet for yourself visit us online here to Request a Quote and have “our store come to your door.”