Shaw Caress Maintenance Tips

Here are some tips on how to keep your Caress carpet in great, long-lasting condition. Prevention
It all starts from the beginning. Be sure to keep dirt and soil out. Make sure you have mats at your entrances and clean your mats regularly. Vacuum frequently. Don’t let dirt and dust get left in the carpet for too long. Remember to vacuum depending on the frequency of foot traffic. And when you are vacuuming regulary, be sure to get the right vacuum for YOUR carpet. See below for more details on choosing the right vacuum.
Note: No carpet is stain proof, many are stain resistant and allows time for removal.

tips for maintenance

Note: Your carpet is recommended to be professionally cleaned at least once every 24 months to maintain its appearance and useful life.
Ask your StarFloors Sales Associate about a carpet cleaning professional in your area they recommend. Visit here to see the variety of options the experts at Shaw recommend for vacuums for your Caress carpet.