Are you thinking about selling your home? Simple upgrades to your home can ensure a faster sell at a higher listing price! Below is a list of a few cost effective upgrades that will ensure you get the most bang for your buck!

  1. Replace Carpet

    Remember that wine you spilt on the carpet a few years ago? Or when you were in the process of house training your new puppy? Those small stains and smells are a big turn off to a home buyer. New carpet provides a clean slate for the new owner and a great selling point. New carpet is one upgrade that has a high ratio of value to cost! Even cheaper styles can revive a room!

  2. Clean Flooring

    If new floors aren’t in your budget or if your floors are in great shape, having your floors professionally cleaned can be enough to lift up those tough stains.

  3. Repaint in Neutral Shades

    You might love your purple and pink walls, but a home buyer won’t. Paint your walls a neutral shade to provide a clean slate for them to be creative with each of the rooms. Beige and Taupe are great options. On a budget? Do it yourself and save even more money!

  4. Update or Upgrade Lighting

    Replacing the dated and worn lighting fixtures can also yield a higher listing price. Replacing your light bulbs with high-efficiency options can be impressive to a home buyer; these light bulbs last years longer than regular bulbs.

  5. Install New Faucets

    Upgrading your kitchen faucet can also add value to your home and transform your kitchen making it look new a fresh again! This is a pretty easy upgrade that will make a big difference.

  6. Replace Hardware

    Replacing simple hardware such as knobs on cabinets and door handles can also be impressive. This is often overlooked, but a home buyer will notice if these are old and worn.