Selecting The Right For You, Part IV

What Treatments and Finishes are used?

How well a carpet withstands over time depends a great deal on the treatment and finishes applied to the carpet and the way the fiber has been modified to reduce stains.

There are many different finishes and treatments out there in order to make your
carpet perform better.

The most common type of treatments include:
anti-static, anti-soil, anti-stain, and anti-microbial

Anti-static treatments are applied during the manufacturing process or right after the manufacturing process as a coating on the carpets surface. Anti-static treatments can be applied at home, but all of the treatments applied at home are not as effective as those applied during the manufacturing process.

The anti-soil and anti-stain features of a carpet can be achieved by modifying the carpet fiber so it does not show or cling to any dirt stains. There are two ways these treatments can be applied:

  1. During manufacturing: anti-soil and anti-stain
    features may be incorporated into the production of the carpet yarns
  2. After the carpet has been made anti-soil and
    anti-stain finishes are applied to the carpet surface.

All of these finishes will not last forever; some can wear off or break down when the carpet is cleaned.

The newest treatment is the new anti-microbial treatments that prevent growth of bacterial organisms that cause odor. This treatment is applied during the manufacturing process of the carpet fibers.

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