Selecting The Right For You, Part III

So, you’ve picked out what carpet fiber is best for you, but now it’s time to pick out carpet style! Do you prefer soft, plush “sink into the floor” feel or are you more of a firm, “feel the floor” beneath your feet carpet kind of person? Read ahead and make the decision for yourself!

Lucky for you, it’s easy to choose a style because carpet comes in only three (within each group there are varieties), cut pile, loop pile and cut & loop pile (or a combination).These various types of surface textures are determined by wear ability and the degree of maintenance the carpet will need.

  • Cut Pile: Cut pile is created when the cut of the loops during the weaving process are trimmed to the same height and allowed to tuft slightly, giving the carpet a dense and soft appearance while providing a cushion feel to the feet. Cut pile carpet is the most common carpet in the residential market although it can be used in commercial markets as well. Cut pile comes in four different varieties.
  • Saxony: this carpet is associated with luxury and high quality. It has a very dense, soft, plush feel. This type of carpet tends to wear much quicker than other styles
    do. It tends to show marks more easily than others. This type of carpet is
    perfect for rooms with low traffic-like a formal living room.
  • Textured: unlike saxony, textured carpet is steamed to create a permanent curl (the yarn ends are visible), so it won’t show any footprints. This type of carpet is most popular for busy households with a lot of foot traffic. The more the carpet is twisted, the longer the carpet will wear and the less it will squash.
  • Frieze: this carpet offers a tighter twist than that of the textured and saxony styles. The twisted carpet is then crimped somewhere along the fiber causing the carpet to look wild and wavy-with various fibers in different directions. Frieze is a very durable carpet-it hides foot traffic and vacuum marks along with extending the carpets life over time.
  • Cable: this style of carpet is made of longer and thicker yarn than any other cut pile styles mentioned above. It is beautiful, luxurious and extremely comfortable.
    The strands can become crushed with heavy foot traffic, so this type of carpet
    is recommended for area with light foot traffic such as bedrooms.
  • Loop Pile: This style consists of yarns that are looped and uncut. Loop pile is commonly known as Berber, it has a smooth surface with a lightly textured appearance. It is made from yarns that are looped into the backing of the carpet and is perfect for high traffic areas. The series of loops can be formed to create set patterns-or a very plain appearance, this diversity is why loop pile can be found in many commercial markets.
  • Cut & Loop Pile: This combination style provides interesting
    patterns from the variation in surfaced textures. This style of carpet is great
    for hiding foot traffic but offers a variety of surface finishes as well. It is
    a very popular style among carpets due to the creative texture of the loop pile
    along with the durability of a cut pile carpet.

So, now you know what fiber and style are the best fit for your style but stay tuned for next week when we discuss the different treatments and finishes used!

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