Selecting The Right For You, Part I

Are you interested in new carpet for you living space? Or even if you just want to learn more, StarFloors has created a guide to help you understand all you need to know to get high quality carpet that looks new for a long time.

What’s on the Market Today?

There are many different carpets on the market all varying in different colors, qualities and textures. One of the most important aspects of a carpet is its density. Density is the number of yarn tufts per square inch of carpet. The denser the carpet, the higher quality it is, the longer it will look new.

To check the density of a carpet, fold the back of the carpet onto itself, which allows you to see how tightly packed the yarns are at the fold. If you see a lot of backing, the carpet is not of high quality.Compare two pieces of carpet by folding each carpet piece and comparing how closely the yarns are packed together.

Many people get carpet density confused with pile height and face weight. If a carpet has a long pile height or high face weight does not mean the carpet is denser or wears well. The long pile height does give a luxurious appearance. The longer the pile is, the greater the tendency of the carpet to mat, especially in high traffic areas. If you want a deep pile, be sure to get an extra dense carpet.

Face weight is a measure of the total amount of yarn on the front of the carpet. The higher the pile weight and the density is, increases the face weight. The face weight does not determine the quality of carpet because weight can be increased with just pile height. That means that two carpets could be the same face weight and yet be two different qualities.

Stay tuned for our next blog when we reveal which fiber types are available!

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