New Year, New Floors, Why Now Is The Time

After all the presents have been unwrapped and the champagne flutes have been thrown away, it’s time to get serious about the changes you will be making in the New Year. Anything from the classic losing weight to being more charitable, a new year brings change for many.

One of the top picks for change and update in a new year is with your home. People tend to put off home improvement projects for multiple reasons and new flooring should be at the top of your list.

“Cleanliness brings Happiness”

Think about it. When do you feel most accomplished? More times than not it’s when your surroundings are in tip-top shape. Start from the ground up in 2013 and get new and better floors. Something like gorgeous hardwoods throughout can really upgrade your quality of life.

Although it’s an ugly thought, under your flooring can be unpleasant. Between dust, allergens and former odors form Spot the dog being potty-trained, flooring replacement can improve and update your family’s health and wellness. A fix of new floors can have long-term positives.

Yes there are also long-term benefits. Certain flooring can help with your heating and a/c bills. Cool tile in warmer climates and hardwoods working as an insulator for cool and heat- the results of better electric bills make your flooring investment all that much better.

Be proud of your home. Being comfortable to have guests over because you just had stunning and plush carpet installed is a great feeling. Starting over with new becomes much more than just cleaning your home, you really deep clean. Your guests will be in awe of just how much of a difference new flooring will improve the atmosphere.

The growing list of excuses for why you cannot move forward with new floors is a thing of the past.

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