How To Clean An Ice Cream Stain on Your Carpet

ice cream spill

It’s getting hot outside! Time for summer fun, activities, and food! One of my favorite summer foods is ICE CREAM!! But what happens when…. You drop your ice cream on your beautiful carpet?! Have no fear! Here is how you can remove that ice cream stain and your carpet will look as good as new!

What you need:

  1. ¼ teaspoon clear hand soap
  2. 1 cup warm (not hot) water

Mix hand soap with warm (not hot) water. Apply this solution to the stain using a damp towel. Blot, don’t rub! Use a fresh, damp towel to remove all detergent residue. Blot again. Finish by placing a pad of paper towels weighted with a heavy object such as a jug of water or glass baking dish. If any stain remains, repeat.

There you have it! REMEMBER: NO CARPET IS STAIN PROOF! There is stain resistant carpet which will allow you a little more time to remove the stain.