Hardwood vs Vinyl Plank

hardwood vs vinyl plank

Hardwood and Vinyl Plank look remarkably alike! The same technologies that have made laminate floors look so real also apply to vinyl plank flooring. These days the choice really comes down to the features you want, or problems you want to avoid.

Hardwood is an investment. It can add a substantial amount of value to your home, more than most other flooring types. Hardwood floors are also known for their longevity, some lasting generations. One reason is that rather than replacing an entire floor after it has become worn, you can simply sand and refinish a hardwood floor. This is much less expensive than the cost of replacing the flooring.

As mentioned earlier, hardwood is an investment. Like any investment, it can be expensive up front.

Hardwood is much less water and moisture resistant than Vinyl Plank. You can’t let your hardwood floors get wet, and if they do, you must clean the spill immediately. Even humidity can be an issue with hardwood.

Vinyl Plank can be one of the least expensive kinds of flooring you can buy, and it can look just as beautiful as hardwood! Generally, vinyl plank flooring has a tougher surface for foot traffic than hardwood, enough to recommend it for residential and commercial areas such as hotel lobbies or hospitals.

Vinyl is easier to clean. You can mop it and you have more chemical cleaning options, though all you need is a light soap and water mix. Vinyl Plank is also incredibly durable! It is water and moisture resistant making it perfect for families with children! If you love the wood look in kitchen and bathrooms, vinyl plank is a perfect choice!

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