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Selecting the Right Carpet for YOU, Part IV!

What Treatments and Finishes are used?

How well a carpet withstands over time depends a great deal on the treatment and finishes applied to the carpet and the way the fiber has been modified to reduce stains.

There are many different finishes and treatments out there in order to make your
carpet perform better.

The most common type of treatments include:
anti-static, anti-soil, anti-stain, and anti-microbial

Anti-static treatments are applied during the manufacturing process or right after the manufacturing process as a coating on the carpets surface. Anti-static treatments can be applied at home, but all of the treatments applied at home are not as effective as those applied during the manufacturing process.

The anti-soil and anti-stain features of a carpet can be achieved by modifying the carpet fiber so it does not show or cling to any dirt stains. There are two
ways these treatments can be applied:

  1. During manufacturing: anti-soil and anti-stain
    features may be incorporated into the production of the carpet yarns
  2. After the carpet has been made anti-soil and
    anti-stain finishes are applied to the carpet surface.

All of these finishes will not last forever; some can wear
off or break down when the carpet is cleaned.

The newest treatment is the new anti-microbial treatments that prevent growth of bacterial organisms that cause odor. This treatment is applied during the manufacturing process of the carpet fibers.

Do you have any additional questions about carpet treatments and finishes? A StarFloors representative would be happy to help you at any time. Visit for more information.

Selecting the Right Carpet for YOU, Part III

So, you’ve picked out what carpet fiber is best for you, but
now it’s time to pick out carpet style! Do you prefer soft, plush “sink into
the floor” feel or are you more of a firm, “feel the floor” beneath your feet carpet
kind of person? Read ahead and make the decision for yourself!

Lucky for you, it’s easy to choose a style because carpet comes in only three (within each group there are varieties), cut pile, loop pile and cut & loop pile (or a combination).These various types of surface textures are determined by wear ability and the degree of maintenance the carpet will need.

  • Cut Pile:  Cut pile is created when the cut of the loops during the weaving process  are trimmed to the same height and allowed to tuft slightly, giving the carpet a dense and soft appearance while providing a cushion feel to the feet. Cut pile carpet is the most common carpet in the residential market although it can be used in commercial markets as well. Cut pile comes in four different varieties.
  • Saxony: this carpet is associated with luxury and high quality. It has a very dense, soft, plush feel. This type of carpet tends to wear much quicker than other styles
    do. It tends to show marks more easily than others. This type of carpet is
    perfect for rooms with low traffic-like a formal living room.
  • Textured: unlike saxony, textured carpet is steamed to create a permanent curl (the yarn ends are visible), so it won’t show any footprints. This type of carpet is
    most popular for busy households with a lot of foot traffic. The more the
    carpet is twisted, the longer the carpet will wear and the less it will squash.
  • Frieze: this carpet offers a tighter twist than that of the textured and saxony styles. The twisted carpet is then crimped somewhere along the fiber causing the carpet to look wild and wavy-with various fibers in different directions. Frieze is a very
    durable carpet-it hides foot traffic and vacuum marks along with extending the
    carpets life over time.
  • Cable: this style of carpet is made of longer and thicker yarn than any other cut pile styles mentioned above. It is beautiful, luxurious and extremely comfortable.
    The strands can become crushed with heavy foot traffic, so this type of carpet
    is recommended for area with light foot traffic such as bedrooms.

  • Loop Pile: This style consists of yarns that are looped and uncut. Loop pile is commonly known as Berber, it has a smooth surface with a lightly textured appearance. It is made from yarns that are looped into the backing of the carpet and is perfect for high traffic areas. The series of loops can be formed to create set patterns-or a very plain appearance, this diversity is why loop pile can be found in many commercial markets.


  • Cut & Loop Pile: This combination style provides interesting
    patterns from the variation in surfaced textures. This style of carpet is great
    for hiding foot traffic but offers a variety of surface finishes as well. It is
    a very popular style among carpets due to the creative texture of the loop pile
    along with the durability of a cut pile carpet.

So, now you know what fiber and style are the best fit for your style but stay tuned for next week when we discuss the different treatments and finishes used!

Do you have any additional questions about carpet styles? A StarFloors representative would be happy to help you at any time. Visit for more information.

Selecting the Right Carpet for YOU, Part 2

Types of Fibers Available for you:

Carpets are often classified by the type of fiber use to make surface yarns.

Acrylic: a manmade substance, similar to wool in look and feel. It is a plastic fiber made from, acrylonitrile (a clear plastic) and became a major substitute for wool
after the 1950’s.


  • wool-like appearance and feel
  • low moisture absorption
  • easy to clean
  • good stain resistance
  • resistant to mildew and moths
  • resistant to sunlight damage


  • not as strong as some other synthetic carpets
  • produced in short fibers and crimped
  • poor resistance to matting
  • stained by oil and grease

Nylon: is the most popular synthetic fiber. It comes in continuous or spun fibers-which are made of short length fibers that are spun tightly together. The continuous fibers are less likely to unravel


  • easy to clean
  • extremely durable
  • extreme resistance to matting
  • cost effective-a wide price range
  • good abrasion resistance
  • absorbs little moisture
  • resists moths, mildew, and fungi
  • good stain resistance
  • third and fourth generation fibers are anti-static


  • can be stained by oil and gas
  • breaks down and fades in the sunlight

Olefin (polypropylene): is the next-best popular synthetic fiber after nylon. These
fibers keep color because the production process involves mixing polypropylene
with dyes.


  • easy to clean
  • keeps color
  • strong fibers
  • water and soil resistant
  • good stain resistant
  • resistant to mildew and moths
  • makes good short pile indoor/outdoor carpet


  • tends to mat
  • captures oil and grease
  • dry-cleaning solvents degrade fibers

Polyester: while not as popular as nylon or olefin, it is still a very popular synthetic fiber. Polyester once had a reputation for having poor quality. Currently, polyester
has improved considerably.


  • soft feel
  • resistant to abrasion
  • resistant to mildew
  • good stain resistance
  • inexpensive


  • prolonged exposure to sunlight degrades fibers
  • captures oil and grease

Wool: made from the hair of sheep, some wool rugs are made from the hair of goats, llamas or alpaca. Sheep’s hair grows in a spiral; the fibers have a “memory” when twisted into tufts. The fiber is extremely easy to dye.


  • very good resistance
  • limited piling problems
  • durable


  • can soil easily
  • imported because domestic fibers are finer and weaker
  • inexpensive

 Do you have any additional questions about carpet fibers? A StarFloors representative would be happy to help you at any time. Visit for more information.

Selecting the Right Carpet for YOU, Part I

Are you interested in new carpet for you living space? Or even if you just want to learn more, StarFloors has created a guide to help you understand all you need to know to get high quality carpet that looks new for a long time.

What’s on the Market Today?

There are many different carpets on the market all varying
in different colors, qualities and textures. One of the most important aspects of a carpet is its density. Density is the number of yarn tufts per square inch of carpet. The denser the carpet, the higher quality it is, the longer it will look new.

To check the density of a carpet, fold the back of the
carpet onto itself, which allows you to see how tightly packed the yarns are at the fold. If you see a lot of backing, the carpet is not of high quality.
Compare two pieces of carpet by folding each carpet piece and comparing how
closely the yarns are packed together.

Many people get carpet density confused with pile height and
face weight. If a carpet has a long pile height or high face weight does not mean the carpet is denser or wears well. The long pile height does give a luxurious appearance. The longer the pile is, the greater the tendency of the carpet to mat, especially in high traffic areas. If you want a deep pile, be sure to get an extra dense carpet.

Face weight is a measure of the total amount of yarn on the
front of the carpet. The higher the pile weight and the density is, increases
the face weight. The face weight does not determine the quality of carpet
because weight can be increased with just pile height. That means that two
carpets could be the same face weight and yet be two different qualities.

Stay tuned for our next blog when we reveal which fiber types are

Do you have any additional questions about carpet density? A StarFloors representative would be happy to help you at any time. Visit for more information.

Tips to Increase your Home’s Value

StarFloors and Coldwell Banker have come up with a few
simple steps to increase your home value. Your home is most likely your largest financial investment-so whether you in your home for the long haul or if you are getting ready to put it on the market in the near future. But, like any large investment you should take steps to maintain and increase its value. Follow these steps for increasing your home’s value in today’s market.

Spend an hour with a professional: Invite your realtor or an interior designer to evaluate your home and give their professional suggestions as to how you can improve the look and feel of your home.

Inspect your home: Hire an inspector to check all the nooks and crannies of your home. This way, you can fix small problems before they become larger and more expensive.

Paint, paint, paint: it doesn’t cost much and is an effective way to improve your home’s appeal both inside and out. Be sure to use neutral colors!

Landscape: Outside of your home is the first thing people see. You can either hire a landscaper or if you want it to save money, you can do it yourself.

Be clean: Make sure your house is clean, either do it yourself or hire a professional.

Make small spaces feel larger: Do this by removing unnecessary furniture pieces, you can open blinds to let the light pour in and hanging mirrors can double the space of a

Update your bathrooms:Small updates to your bathroom can make a big difference. Try tearing down wallpaper; replace an old toilet with a newer, water-saving one. If your budget allows, update your old floors with new tile, granite or hardwood.

Update your kitchen: Updating a kitchen can become quite costly, it’s important to evaluate what needs to be done. Replacing old appliances with new, stainless, energy-efficient models will go a long way in helping the aesthetic appeal of your home. Updating countertops and freshening up the paint of cabinets are other ways to improve
your kitchens appearance.

Go tankless: Upgrade your standard water heater to a tankless model. The tankless water heaters only heat the water when needed as oppose to the older models that keep gallons of water hot at all times-this helps save a lot of money.

Give some appeal to your home’s entrance: Replace your front door if it is old, outdated or worn with a newer, more energy efficient model. Try painting your front door a new neutral color-it can do wonders. Also-adding a potted plant to the front
door will help make the entrance look inviting.

Save on air conditioning costs: Think about installing a whole house fan, these fans
are very energy efficient and are considered to be a “green” home
improvement-it only uses one-tenth the electricity of air conditioners.

Brighten up your space: A well-lit room not only makes your space more cheerful and
welcoming, but also makes it feel larger and cleaner. You may want to do this
with a lamp or table.

Bring the outdoors in: Think about turning your two standard windows into an opening for French or sliding doors. Glass floors can brighten up the space and make it more
attractive. Adding new doors that are energy efficient will contribute to lower
heating and cooling costs.

Add storage: Consider installing a cabinet system in your homes closet and garage area. This will help give it a more organized feel.

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We Love our Customers Too!

StarFloors loves to share good news and when we got this message from Tracy, we couldn’t help but share it with you:

Dear StarFloors,

I am far behind in my correspondence. Starting in October we began
a business relationship with your company.  Phil Kenton came to our home
to assist us in choosing carpet for our home.  My mother in law actually
got the ball rolling with Phil.  She is a realtor here in Plano and felt good about our choice.  Phil made several trips (by his own choice) to make sure we had picked exactly what we wanted and for the right price! The carpet was delivered and installed promptly.  The gentlemen that came
on the install from your company were great.  They worked so hard and were honestly alot of fun to work with.  We love the carpet – it is perfect for
our home and family.  I had advised the family to BE CAREFUL on “Mom’s new carpet”.  Of course I am the one who dropped a bottle of red nail polish in our bedroom.  I went into panic mode for this was a BIG spill.  I called StarFloors and was comforted and well received. I will be shocked if there is a single soul in that store that did not talk to me and assured me that all would be fine.  Arthur actually talked me down off the ledge that day.  He told me exactly what to do and it worked!  He was great.  My husband was out of town but came home that evening.  To this day he still cannot tell where the spill occurred. I really want you to know how much we appreciate all the folks at StarFloors.  It has been a pleasure to do business with you as I am sure it will be in the future.


Tracy Borgne – Happy Camper

We want everyone to have the same experience as Tracy, that is why StarFloors is a rock-solid company you can rely on. We’ve built our reputation  on dependability, fair pricing, superior materials and workmanship. Our  strategically located facilities provide StarFloors managers with the ability to  procure products and schedule expert installation for consistent, on-time  delivery anywhere your properties are located. Customer service always comes first! We ask each client to complete our online  customer survey at the conclusion of every project and use the information to  continually improve our products and services.

A StarFloors representative would be happy to help you at any time.Visit for more information.

Signature Crypton Carpet and Yellowstone National Park

Crypton carpet is proud to create “carpets with a conscience”
that not only provide remarkable performance but give back to the environment. The
Yellowstone Collection provides the longest-lasting, most stain-resistant
carpet on the planet.

Yellowstone Park is a national park located in Wyoming.
Yellowstone national park was established in 1872 by the U.S. Congress and signed into law by Ulysses S. Grant, making it the first national park in the
world. It is known primarily for its many geothermal features-including the famous, Old Faithful Geyser.

This special carpet collection involves:

  • Utilizing post-consumer plastics from
    Yellowstone National Park
  • 100% recycled content Aquafil Econyl Solution
    Dyed Nylon
  • BioCel Backing System that is 70% green by
  • Industry-leading 82% green by weight
  • Patterns inspired by Yellowstone National Park

Crypton is taking a percentage of proceeds from The Yellowstone Collection and is donating to the Yellowstone Park Foundation to protect and preserve the first national park and it’s precious natural resources.

The Yellowstone Collection has five styles to choose from:
Artist Point, Caldera, Grant Village, Old Faithful and Paint Pots. All these
designs capture the natural beauty of Yellowstone’s most beautiful landmarks.

Artist Point:


Grant Village:

Old Faithful:

Paint Pots:

A StarFloors representative would be happy to show you the full line up of Signature Crypton Carpet Yellowston Collection .Visit for more information.

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